Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

Liverpool/IOO.SDSS-u3478.03499.029593991652.11426.5LTIO:OIO:I SDSS u' filter
Liverpool/IOO.SDSS-g4795.14695.8393356301430.83936.7LTIO:OIO:I SDSS g' filter
Liverpool/IOO.SDSS-r6187.56111.4535170351280.43165.1LTIO:OIO:I SDSS r' filter
Liverpool/IOO.Halpha6566.36566.06469666693.32607.3LTIO:OIOO Halpha filter (rest frame)
Liverpool/IOO.Halpha-66346635.16635.16579669356.52940.3LTIO:OIOO Halpha filter (redshifted to 663.4 nm)
Liverpool/IOO.Halpha-67556756.16756.06700681756.82918.1LTIO:OIOO Halpha filter (redshifted to 675.5 nm)
Liverpool/IOO.Halpha-68226823.46823.26763688455.02888.8LTIO:OIOO Halpha filter (redshifted to 682.2 nm)
Liverpool/IOO.SDSS-i7658.77589.4673285281367.42541.3LTIO:OIO:I SDSS i' filter
Liverpool/IOO.SDSS-z9668.69505.48181110002625.22138.9LTIO:OIO:I SDSS zi' filter

Filter Plots

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