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LaSilla/SUSI2.Up3363.63359.130003879640.31251.5La SillaSUSI2U' #823 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.U3572.13601.331334002493.81550.5La SillaSUSI2Bessel U #810 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.B_8174225.44228.335135128957.43787.4La SillaSUSI2Bessel B #817 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.B4225.74228.335155126955.23790.4La SillaSUSI2Bessel B #811 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.NB8804694.04693.64622477076.84207.9La SillaSUSI2He II #880 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.NB8814864.64864.64798493668.73170.7La SillaSUSI2H Beta #881 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.NB8825010.05009.74940508773.33952.2La SillaSUSI2O III #882 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.WB4905028.64977.444295600933.43852.0La SillaSUSI2WB 490 #824 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.NB8835111.15110.75040518872.53886.9La SillaSUSI2O III/Cont #883 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.V5495.25414.3470868081146.33570.1La SillaSUSI2Bessel V #812 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.IB6096095.66092.058916319269.93249.8La SillaSUSI2IB 609 #830 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.NB8846555.26553.66490662270.52524.2La SillaSUSI2H alpha #884 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.R6620.06412.2547893221651.62963.2La SillaSUSI2Bessel R #813 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.IB6626622.56619.263676895350.12866.7La SillaSUSI2IB 662 #831 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.WB6556653.86593.6590674571178.22930.3La SillaSUSI2WB 655 #825 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.NB8856686.36686.06615676071.22944.7La SillaSUSI2H alpha/Cont #885 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.I7962.37882.9697191521456.52431.4La SillaSUSI2Bessel I #814 SUSI2 filter
LaSilla/SUSI2.Z10208.79898.98025120003564.32025.0La SillaSUSI2Bessel Z #815 SUSI2 filter

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