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LaSilla :La Silla ESO Observatory
LaSilla/EFOSC :EFOSC2, or the ESO Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera (v.2) to give its full name, is a very versatile instrument for low resolution spectroscopy and imaging.

LaSilla/EFOSC.ESO6403549.63572.731023980496.61487.2La SillaEFOSCEFOSC ESO#640, Bessell U
LaSilla/EFOSC.ESO6394377.94345.4359257381006.83948.7La SillaEFOSCEFOSC ESO#639, Bessell B
LaSilla/EFOSC.ESO7244471.24444.7322158151615.53532.6La SillaEFOSCEFOSC ESO#724, Tyson B
LaSilla/EFOSC.ESO7434771.44770.74693485174.14103.2La SillaEFOSCEFOSC ESO#743, Hβ Cont
LaSilla/EFOSC.ESO7424860.24859.24778494274.63235.1La SillaEFOSCEFOSC ESO#742, Hβ
LaSilla/EFOSC.ESO6875004.35004.14941507457.33955.8La SillaEFOSCEFOSC ESO#687, OIII
LaSilla/EFOSC.ESO7825130.85104.846585610788.33762.6La SillaEFOSCEFOSC ESO#782, Gunn g
LaSilla/EFOSC.ESO6415545.65458.0475470111143.23547.6La SillaEFOSCEFOSC ESO#641, Bessell V
LaSilla/EFOSC.ESO6926558.46557.36490662563.92488.8La SillaEFOSCEFOSC ESO#692, Halpha
LaSilla/EFOSC.ESO6426627.96416.1547293671720.02959.0La SillaEFOSCEFOSC ESO#642, Bessell R
LaSilla/EFOSC.ESO7096644.86644.86569671873.22939.6La SillaEFOSCEFOSC ESO#709, Halpha Red
LaSilla/EFOSC.ESO7846698.36657.060387365953.82903.8La SillaEFOSCEFOSC ESO#784, Gunn r
LaSilla/EFOSC.ESO7006730.16729.96670679360.82929.0La SillaEFOSCEFOSC ESO#700, [SII]
LaSilla/EFOSC.ESO7058018.57944.9714189201413.72411.7La SillaEFOSCEFOSC ESO#705, Gunn i

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