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LRO :The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is a NASA robotic spacecraft currently orbiting the Moon in an eccentric polar mapping orbit.[
LRO/LROC_WAC :Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Wide Angle Camera (WAC)id:LRO/LROC_WAC.a

LRO/LROC_WAC.320nm3204.533211.613206.882942.743437.17283.751183.023.45e-9LROCWACLROC WAC 320nm filter
LRO/LROC_WAC.360nm3600.033600.993600.413489.233719.83135.771344.573.11e-9LROCWACLROC WAC 360nm filter
LRO/LROC_WAC.415nm4148.274152.934148.783868.384438.18297.504189.097.3e-9LROCWACLROC WAC 415nm filter
LRO/LROC_WAC.565nm5654.635655.645653.645527.765835.86187.283508.023.29e-9LROCWACLROC WAC 565nm filter
LRO/LROC_WAC.605nm6036.956038.206035.615850.106231.74206.103274.512.69e-9LROCWACLROC WAC 605nm filter
LRO/LROC_WAC.645nm6430.226431.936425.886177.406673.35249.462991.542.17e-9LROCWACLROC WAC 645nm filter
LRO/LROC_WAC.690nm6879.816883.306876.366555.617192.24353.872844.851.8e-9LROCWACLROC WAC 690nm filter

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