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LCO :Las Campanas Observatory
LCO/FourStar :The Four Star infrared camera is a 4096 x 4096 equivalent pixel area covering the J,H,Ks bands that employs an array of four Teledyne HAWAII-2RG detectors that produce a 10.9' x 10.9' field of view.

LCO/FourStar.J110551.410521.3990811210955.51978.7LCOFourStarLCO, FourStar J1
LCO/FourStar.J211452.711407.310601123811329.71774.5LCOFourStarLCO, FourStar J2
LCO/FourStar.NB11811909.011908.51178812030138.51689.1LCOFourStarLCO, FourStar NB1.18
LCO/FourStar.J12415.112288.011096137262214.61581.2LCOFourStarLCO, FourStar J
LCO/FourStar.J312883.312835.112003137791325.01488.8LCOFourStarLCO, FourStar J3
LCO/FourStar.Hshort15530.315479.414518165361542.71119.1LCOFourStarLCO, FourStar Hshort
LCO/FourStar.H16187.616040.314546178592769.51054.9LCOFourStarLCO, FourStar H
LCO/FourStar.Hlong17042.217000.616021180891565.0980.7LCOFourStarLCO, FourStar Hlong
LCO/FourStar.NB20920989.520988.62080821171213.2704.6LCOFourStarLCO, FourStar NB 2.09
LCO/FourStar.Ks21480.321316.119560235163163.4675.7LCOFourStarLCO, FourStar Ks

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