Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

LCO/CSP.u3623.63657.230754000421.31676.5LCOSITe3CSP, Swope SITe3 CCD, u
LCO/CSP.B4397.24365.835775348956.93982.1LCOSITe3CSP, Swope SITe3 CCD, B
LCO/CSP.g4790.74691.7386456191335.63926.9LCOSITe3CSP, Swope SITe3 CCD, g
LCO/CSP.V_LC30145382.15328.447076434939.53640.2LCOSITe3CSP, Swope SITe3 CCD, V-LC3014
LCO/CSP.V5387.95340.647976367861.53655.6LCOSITe3CSP, Swope SITe3 CCD, V
LCO/CSP.V_LC30095416.85364.747386456894.93633.9LCOSITe3CSP, Swope SITe3 CCD, V-LC3009
LCO/CSP.r6240.06160.6539670971257.43137.7LCOSITe3CSP, Swope SITe3 CCD, r
LCO/CSP.i7630.27564.7680685201248.72552.2LCOSITe3CSP, Swope SITe3 CCD, i
LCO/CSP.Y10388.510330.29469112231282.62025.8LCORetroCamCSP, Swope RetroCam, Y
LCO/CSP.WIRC_Y10466.010415.39538112401137.42002.8LCOWIRCCSP, duPont WIRC, Y
LCO/CSP.WIRC_J12446.512338.710973136731835.11572.8LCOWIRCCSP, duPont WIRC, J
LCO/CSP.J12452.512342.210876136711785.31571.2LCORetroCamCSP, Swope RetroCam, J
LCO/CSP.WIRC_H16264.116116.614439179252581.31048.1LCOWIRCCSP, duPont WIRC, H
LCO/CSP.H16277.216131.014530179332631.31046.8LCORetroCamCSP, Swope RetroCam, H
LCO/CSP.K21613.321464.719413237632840.7667.8LCORetroCamCSP, Swope RetroCam, K

Filter Plots

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