Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

LBT :The Large Binocular Telescope Observatory
LBT/LBCR :LBC Red camera filters

LBT/LBCR.bessel-V5390.35342.948116379836.23659.6LBTLBCLBC Red Bessel V filter
LBT/LBCR.sdss-r6299.46232.9554470541217.43105.4LBTLBCLBC Red SDSS r filter
LBT/LBCR.bessel-R6470.56345.9558084461237.53029.1LBTLBCLBC Red Bessel R filter
LBT/LBCR.sdss-i7707.57630.6673986131447.62523.0LBTLBCLBC Red SDSS i filter
LBT/LBCR.TiO7847847.37845.676468060201.12468.3LBTLBCLBC Red TiO784 filter (center)
LBT/LBCR.TiO784_17850.57848.876518059199.12467.2LBTLBCLBC Red TiO784 filter (edge position 1)
LBT/LBCR.TiO784_37852.57850.876538061199.92466.5LBTLBCLBC Red TiO784 filter (edge position 3)
LBT/LBCR.TiO784_47853.27851.576538062199.32466.3LBTLBCLBC Red TiO784 filter (edge position 4)
LBT/LBCR.TiO784_27854.27852.476548063199.92465.9LBTLBCLBC Red TiO784 filter (edge position 2)
LBT/LBCR.bessel-I7974.37880.6690689631648.12428.5LBTLBCLBC Red Bessel I filter
LBT/LBCR.CN817_48175.28173.479678380199.92357.9LBTLBCLBC Red CN817 filter (edge position 4)
LBT/LBCR.CN817_38175.38173.579678380200.32357.9LBTLBCLBC Red CN817 filter (edge position 3)
LBT/LBCR.CN817_28176.98175.179688381200.62357.4LBTLBCLBC Red CN817 filter (edge position 2)
LBT/LBCR.CN817_18177.98176.179698382200.42357.0LBTLBCLBC Red CN817 filter (edge position 1)
LBT/LBCR.CN8178179.28177.479708385200.62356.7LBTLBCLBC Red CN817 filter (center)
LBT/LBCR.F972N209633.79634.794009870217.02206.1LBTLBCLBC Red F972N20 filter
LBT/LBCR.sdss-z9696.79539.88224110002576.32136.8LBTLBCLBC Red SDSS z filter
LBT/LBCR.Y10447.810371.89385114931639.42014.2LBTLBCLBC Red Y filter

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