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Keck :W.M. Keck Observatory
Keck/LRIS :The Low Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (LRIS) is a visible-wavelength imaging and spectroscopy instrument commissioned in 1993 and operating at the Cassegrain focus of Keck I.

Keck/LRIS.NB40003991.74001.936014235336.63737.5KeckLRISKeck LRIS NB4000 filter
Keck/LRIS.NB43254332.74330.64277439574.43539.8KeckLRISKeck LRIS NB4325 filter
Keck/LRIS.B4336.34322.132685672962.73900.2KeckLRISKeck LRIS B filter
Keck/LRIS.g4750.64706.842175281888.33989.4KeckLRISKeck LRIS g filter
Keck/LRIS.NB53905402.55402.15325547680.33653.0KeckLRISKeck LRIS NB5390 filter
Keck/LRIS.V5469.15403.747656661957.23605.5KeckLRISKeck LRIS V filter
Keck/LRIS.OG5706313.46222.4440169471224.23094.7KeckLRISKeck LRIS OG570 filter
Keck/LRIS.R6432.86305.1555084201233.63049.2KeckLRISKeck LRIS R filter
Keck/LRIS.NB67416740.06739.66649682979.92924.8KeckLRISKeck LRIS NB6741 filter
Keck/LRIS.Rs6794.96734.9601376731239.72865.5KeckLRISKeck LRIS Rs filter
Keck/LRIS.GG4957099.56438.8425192584220.52760.2KeckLRISKeck LRIS GG495 filter
Keck/LRIS.I7605.27549.7675483701188.72561.1KeckLRISKeck LRIS I filter
Keck/LRIS.NB81858187.68187.080628319109.32352.0KeckLRISKeck LRIS NB8185 filter
Keck/LRIS.NB85608560.68560.084348694110.22196.1KeckLRISKeck LRIS NB8560 filter
Keck/LRIS.RG8509124.89094.0824897601240.52258.5KeckLRISKeck LRIS RG850 filter
Keck/LRIS.NB91359156.09153.288829468140.62357.2KeckLRISKeck LRIS NB9135 filter
Keck/LRIS.NB91489156.29152.788629501264.22286.5KeckLRISKeck LRIS NB9148 filter

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