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ISO :The Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) was the world's first true orbiting infrared observatory.
ISO/PHT-C :ISO PHT-C filters

ISO/PHT-C.60mu617689.8576946.6396695749960137836.21.1ISOPHTISO PHT-C 60 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-C.50mu687034.5575508.54022991278352261924.40.9ISOPHTISO PHT-C 50 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-C.70mu807942.9728196.35003921278251268549.90.6ISOPHTISO PHT-C 70 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-C.90mu952905.7819214.35000001456644410442.80.5ISOPHTISO PHT-C 90 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-C.100mu1025098.4948401.56299741505739312472.90.4ISOPHTISO PHT-C 100 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-C.105mu1071516.81017796.37183301420276243523.40.3ISOPHTISO PHT-C 105 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-C.120mu1187176.31100536.57753071480550245136.60.3ISOPHTISO PHT-C 120 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-C.135mu1550992.51424033.49879912378143479513.50.2ISOPHTISO PHT-C 135 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-C.160mu1723292.51553308.810355032456765591284.40.1ISOPHTISO PHT-C 160 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-C.180mu1810031.21720480.312505462439297468714.20.1ISOPHTISO PHT-C 180 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-C.200mu2022671.11965096.215897942590000367067.90.1ISOPHTISO PHT-C 200 μm filter.

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