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INT :Isaac Newton Telescope.
INT/OASIS :The optical integral-field spectrograph OASIS is installed at one of the science ports of NAOMI, in the William Herschel Telescope's Adaptive Optics-dedicated Nasmyth enclosure.

INT/OASIS.MR4544542.14508.141005000759.64106.4INTOASISOASIS MR454, ING#582
INT/OASIS.HR5025025.75025.148205240331.23805.6INTOASISOASIS HR502, ING#590
INT/OASIS.MR5165153.05129.947205600721.33747.0INTOASISOASIS MR516, ING#583
INT/OASIS.HR5305299.65293.050805520344.13725.5INTOASISOASIS HR530, ING#591
INT/OASIS.MR5915912.55883.554606405775.53351.0INTOASISOASIS MR591, ING#584
INT/OASIS.HR6386377.76370.961606600327.33060.9INTOASISOASIS HR638, ING#592
INT/OASIS.MR6616608.36583.861617100767.82933.1INTOASISOASIS MR661, ING#585
INT/OASIS.HR6676662.86662.164426897332.52841.7INTOASISOASIS HR667, ING#593
INT/OASIS.MR7357350.87327.068867833797.02661.8INTOASISOASIS MR735, ING#586
INT/OASIS.MR8078073.98054.576258538734.62392.0INTOASISOASIS MR807, ING#587
INT/OASIS.MR8758751.68742.783009230786.92267.2INTOASISOASIS MR875, ING#588
INT/OASIS.LR9519505.69437.58510105171649.62208.4INTOASISOASIS LR951, ING#581
INT/OASIS.MR9529532.79521.390819990704.92245.5INTOASISOASIS MR952, ING#589

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