Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

Herschel/SPIRE.PSW2514997.42428393.319653522981259676066.00.1HerschelSPIREHerschel SPIRE PSW filter (point sources)
Herschel/SPIRE.PSW_ext2516925.32431951.919743652980315668432.20.1HerschelSPIREHerschel SPIRE PSW filter (extended sources)
Herschel/SPIRE.PMW_ext3524776.63407449.327780274230673946376.40.0HerschelSPIREHerschel SPIRE PMW filter (extended sources)
Herschel/SPIRE.PMW3528244.93408992.827731184234707957436.00.0HerschelSPIREHerschel SPIRE PMW filter (point sources)
Herschel/SPIRE.PLW5115032.54822635.7386621867931281856019.00.0HerschelSPIREHerschel SPIRE PLW filter (point sources)
Herschel/SPIRE.PLW_ext5115731.24830668.1387443967541001856087.30.0HerschelSPIREHerschel SPIRE PLW filter (extended sources)

Filter Plots

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