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HST :The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is a cooperative program of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to operate a space-based observatory for the benefit of the international astronomical community.
HST/FOC_F48 :The Faint Object Camera (FOC), f/48 detector.

HST/FOC_F48.F140W1915.71905.111833801583.5602.5HSTFOCF140W filter for HST FOC_F/48
HST/FOC_F48.F150W1981.51934.611654104934.5667.6HSTFOCF150W filter for HST FOC_F/48
HST/FOC_F48.F175W2064.11999.711573901875.7729.6HSTFOCF175W filter for HST FOC_F/48
HST/FOC_F48.F220W2355.12324.516533418552.7803.4HSTFOCF220W filter for HST FOC_F/48
HST/FOC_F48.F195W2597.92548.0116053061397.81034.4HSTFOCF195W filter for HST FOC_F/48
HST/FOC_F48.F275W2852.62841.816514096761.31015.6HSTFOCF275W filter for HST FOC_F/48
HST/FOC_F48.F342W3428.83440.028663928677.61342.1HSTFOCF342W filter for HST FOC_F/48
HST/FOC_F48.F130LP3731.93781.4122464742793.22246.8HSTFOCF130LP filter for HST FOC_F/48
HST/FOC_F48.F430W4190.44198.335325139940.43700.6HSTFOCF430W filter for HST FOC_F/48
HST/FOC_F48.PRISM18126.33846.4114964613605.81825.6HSTFOCPRISM1 filter for HST FOC_F/48
HST/FOC_F48.PRISM38287.43848.7113964633615.41807.4HSTFOCPRISM3 filter for HST FOC_F/48
HST/FOC_F48.PRISM28669.63915.9117864693636.31824.5HSTFOCPRISM2 filter for HST FOC_F/48
HST/FOC_F48.F180LP8851.73923.2161164743702.21786.3HSTFOCF180LP filter for HST FOC_F/48
HST/FOC_F48.F305LP10513.44359.0291164762925.12185.5HSTFOCF305LP filter for HST FOC_F/48

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