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Geneva :Geneva photometric system. Golay 1962
Geneva/Geneva :Geneva photometric system, Golay 1962

Geneva/Geneva.U3446.313459.073453.213005.573891.73484.951296.033.27e-9  Geneva U
Geneva/Geneva.B14012.214022.884039.043604.364669.46422.113257.146.07e-9  Geneva B1
Geneva/Geneva.B4220.344248.074252.833609.195102.20787.933723.706.27e-9  Geneva B
Geneva/Geneva.B24471.884480.694468.064023.425012.19437.834310.926.46e-9  Geneva B2
Geneva/Geneva.V25398.645409.575388.165003.216104.73498.593672.723.78e-9  Geneva V2
Geneva/Geneva.V5485.145508.465462.774910.006501.55749.813623.153.61e-9  Geneva V
Geneva/Geneva.G5804.055814.615793.615404.216546.75476.043417.913.04e-9  Geneva G

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