Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

Generic :Generic filters, not directly associated to any specific instrument.
Generic/Johnson_UBVRIJHKL :Johnson UBVRIJHKL photometric system

Generic/Johnson_UBVRIJHKL.U3531.13570.630104100657.01564.2  Johnson UBVRIJHKL system, U filter
Generic/Johnson_UBVRIJHKL.B4427.14378.4361755531011.74005.0  Johnson UBVRIJHKL system, B filter
Generic/Johnson_UBVRIJHKL.V5537.25466.146987204889.73562.5  Johnson UBVRIJHKL system, V filter
Generic/Johnson_UBVRIJHKL.R6939.66695.6523394002070.02814.9  Johnson UBVRIJHKL system, R filter
Generic/Johnson_UBVRIJHKL.I8780.78565.17000118002316.02282.8  Johnson UBVRIJHKL system, I filter
Generic/Johnson_UBVRIJHKL.J12487.812100.99693155073193.51571.5  Johnson UBVRIJHKL system, J filter
Generic/Johnson_UBVRIJHKL.K21951.221420.318050259385784.8653.4  Johnson UBVRIJHKL system, K filter
Generic/Johnson_UBVRIJHKL.LII34370.733758.829071415007010.1295.9  Johnson UBVRIJHKL system, LII filter
Generic/Johnson_UBVRIJHKL.LI35395.434450.229071427508800.0281.4  Johnson UBVRIJHKL system, LI filter
Generic/Johnson_UBVRIJHKL.N103240.792055.97019613600043744.438.6  Johnson UBVRIJHKL system, N filter

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