Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

Generic :Generic filters, not directly associated to any specific instrument.
Generic/Johnson_13col :Johnson 13 colors photometric system

Generic/Johnson_13col.333374.53374.331623624116.31231.2  Johnson 13 colors 33 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.353540.23537.031223811132.21312.9  Johnson 13 colors 35 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.373749.23774.833124062133.42050.0  Johnson 13 colors 37 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.404033.84046.933804434239.83868.3  Johnson 13 colors 40 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.454601.64586.342545470284.24212.3  Johnson 13 colors 45 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.525187.55180.247475523259.13803.6  Johnson 13 colors 52 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.585821.45806.252956170230.23409.2  Johnson 13 colors 58 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.58p5855.25852.556496070219.53385.9  Johnson 13 colors 58p filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.636359.36349.160357115326.53070.4  Johnson 13 colors 63 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.727239.37222.766627800588.52707.4  Johnson 13 colors 72 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.808002.17993.676008400434.02415.9  Johnson 13 colors 80 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.868584.88577.782009000482.42242.0  Johnson 13 colors 86 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.999831.69813.8920010564579.92163.6  Johnson 13 colors 99 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.11011075.711037.81020012000813.91851.3  Johnson 13 colors 110 filter

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