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Gemini :Gemini Observatory
Gemini/DSSI :DSSI (Differential Speckle Survey Instrument, Elliott Horch, Southern Conn. St. Univ.) provides simultaneous diffraction-limited optical imaging (FWHM~0.02

Gemini/DSSI.Blue4502.04481.941184849637.04210.0GeminiDSSIDSSI blue band (filter+ccd)
Gemini/DSSI.Blue_filter4504.14483.941184849628.44209.6GeminiDSSIDSSI blue band (filter only)
Gemini/DSSI.Green_filter5636.75626.953675884459.63514.6GeminiDSSIDSSI green band (filter only)
Gemini/DSSI.Green5637.55627.753675884457.13514.1GeminiDSSIDSSI green band (filter+ccd)
Gemini/DSSI.Red6984.36977.666407280390.52816.3GeminiDSSIDSSI red band (filter+ccd)
Gemini/DSSI.Red_filter6985.36978.566407281387.82815.9GeminiDSSIDSSI red band (filter only)
Gemini/DSSI.Orange8797.88794.785309083449.32245.2GeminiDSSIDSSI orange band (filter+ccd)
Gemini/DSSI.Orange_filter8814.48811.085309083500.42247.8GeminiDSSIDSSI orange band (filter only)

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