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Gemini/Alopeke.u_sdss3532.83545.231473939442.81399.2GeminiAlopekeAlopeke XSDSS u filter
Gemini/Alopeke.EO_4664670.54654.244364908436.94060.5GeminiAlopekeAlopeke EO_466 filter
Gemini/Alopeke.g_sdss4806.24704.1391956381424.03927.9GeminiAlopekeAlopeke XSDSS g filter
Gemini/Alopeke.EO_5625623.05614.653845858433.23522.9GeminiAlopekeAlopeke EO_562 filter
Gemini/Alopeke.r_sdss6205.76115.8535170121396.73158.2GeminiAlopekeAlopeke XSDSS r filter
Gemini/Alopeke.EO_7167159.97150.268727453512.02741.0GeminiAlopekeAlopeke EO_716 filter
Gemini/Alopeke.i_sdss7640.97565.4673284361434.32548.4GeminiAlopekeAlopeke XSDSS i filter
Gemini/Alopeke.EO_8328320.28314.680998543404.62307.0GeminiAlopekeAlopeke EO_832 filter
Gemini/Alopeke.z_sdss9462.59342.88229107472267.22188.1GeminiAlopekeAlopeke XSDSS z filter

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