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Gemini :Gemini Observatory
Gemini/AcqCam-S :The Acquisition Camera is an optical CCD-based instrument within the Acquisition and Guidance (A&G) unit.

Gemini/AcqCam-S.U3748.93797.034284166409.52216.4GeminiAcqCam-SGemini Acquistion Camera North U filter
Gemini/AcqCam-S.B4303.34290.5352058081074.23797.0GeminiAcqCam-SGemini Acquistion Camera North B filter
Gemini/AcqCam-S.V5658.55534.0401172871325.63477.5GeminiAcqCam-SGemini Acquistion Camera North V filter
Gemini/AcqCam-S.R7062.56859.3590599981578.12765.0GeminiAcqCam-SGemini Acquistion Camera North R filter
Gemini/AcqCam-S.I8870.18574.07017119952961.12269.6GeminiAcqCam-SGemini Acquistion Camera North I filter

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