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Flock :The flock consists of multiple satellite constellations which are designed to observe Earth. By using several small satellites, CubeSats, the constellation produces three to five meters high resolution images of Earth.
Flock/SuperDove :Superdove 5-band spectral response

Flock/SuperDove.Blue4901.154908.434895.064602.775195.96522.733906.674.88e-9Flock Flock SuperDove 5-band Blue normalized spectral response
Flock/SuperDove.Green5654.875658.365651.425430.005878.75390.173509.223.29e-9Flock Flock SuperDove 5-band Green normalized spectral response
Flock/SuperDove.Red6656.976659.076658.746461.676857.27317.452822.261.91e-9Flock Flock SuperDove 5-band Red normalized spectral response
Flock/SuperDove.RedEdge7069.047069.637068.356953.337187.44176.792758.911.66e-9Flock Flock SuperDove 5-band RedEdge normalized spectral response
Flock/SuperDove.NIR8652.478655.118651.428424.168910.74362.552226.028.91e-10Flock Flock SuperDove 5-band NIR normalized spectral response

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