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CTIO :Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory
CTIO/SOI :The SOAR Optical Imager (SOI) is a bent-Cassegrain mounted optical imager using a mini-mosaic of two E2V 2k x 4k CCDs to cover a 5.26 arcminute square field of view at a scale of 0.077''/pixel.

CTIO/SOI.strom_u3464.03461.132073728336.81270.0CTIOSOISOI strom u filter
CTIO/SOI.sdss_u3531.63556.431133991530.51478.5CTIOSOISOI SDSS u' filter
CTIO/SOI.bessel_U3614.63670.030634154600.41803.0CTIOSOISOI Bessel U filter
CTIO/SOI.strom_v4087.54085.039294246150.74209.4CTIOSOISOI strom v filter
CTIO/SOI.bessel_B4344.54319.235805417981.93943.1CTIO SOI Bessel B filter
CTIO/SOI.strom_b4694.54692.145544859181.64194.0CTIOSOISOI strom b filter
CTIO/SOI.sdss_g4726.84642.9390655181277.43972.7CTIOSOISOI SDSS g' filter
CTIO/SOI.bessel_V5385.15338.247586552814.53661.6CTIOSOISOI Bessel V filter
CTIO/SOI.strom_y5455.55452.752655671221.13622.6CTIOSOISOI strom y filter
CTIO/SOI.sdss_r6264.26181.7539970921334.23126.9CTIOSOISOI SDSS r' filter
CTIO/SOI.bessel_R6451.06327.3550580791257.23037.8CTIOSOISOI Bessel R filter
CTIO/SOI.Halpha6571.66572.26487665874.32538.3CTIOSOISOI Halpha filter
CTIO/SOI.SII6742.56742.36663681652.02923.7CTIOSOISOI SII filter
CTIO/SOI.sdss_i7709.47628.3674286201473.12521.9CTIOSOISOI SDSS i' filter
CTIO/SOI.TiO7780.07779.576897880100.52491.5CTIOSOISOI TiO filter
CTIO/SOI.CN8123.28122.88035820388.12377.2CTIOSOISOI CN filter
CTIO/SOI.bessel_I8805.88535.17038111372780.12281.9CTIOSOISOI Bessel I filter
CTIO/SOI.sdss_z9841.29620.97984114002608.62103.5CTIOSOISOI SDSS z' filter

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