Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

CTIO/DECam.u_filter3562.13628.430344039840.81798.2CTIODECamDECam u filter (filter only)
CTIO/DECam.u3816.83853.533404040273.52703.5CTIODECamDECam u filter (total transmission)
CTIO/DECam.g_filter4734.34635.2392955541481.43958.7CTIODECamDECam g filter (filter only)
CTIO/DECam.g4826.84734.0393955281132.73920.3CTIODECamDECam u filter (total transmission)
CTIO/DECam.r_filter6416.06326.4561872601475.33051.5CTIODECamDECam r filter (filter only)
CTIO/DECam.r6435.36345.2550672381379.23040.7CTIODECamDECam r filter (total transmission)
CTIO/DECam.i7825.57749.6695086461371.42477.4CTIODECamDECam i filter (total transmission)
CTIO/DECam.i_filter7835.57761.8698387061442.22473.7CTIODECamDECam i filter (filter only)
CTIO/DECam.z9179.59138.28284101021266.22247.5CTIODECamDECam zi filter (total transmission)
CTIO/DECam.z_filter9260.69215.58360101661501.72242.5CTIODECamDECam z filter (filter only)
CTIO/DECam.Y9896.29875.8935510730675.62147.4CTIODECamDECam Y filter (total transmission)
CTIO/DECam.Y_filter10091.910060.79400108051114.72110.0CTIODECamDECam Y filter (filter only)

Filter Plots

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