Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

COBE/DIRBE.1p25m12740.812481.810780150603132.01525.1COBEDIRBEDIRBE 1.25 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.2p2m22258.522044.619470251703639.9635.7COBEDIRBEDIRBE 2.2 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.3p5m35568.634687.929630420609085.9278.5COBEDIRBEDIRBE 3.5 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.4p9m48909.848584.543390534256560.5153.0COBEDIRBEDIRBE 4.9 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.12m127809.0108933.47656017467065597.125.8COBEDIRBEDIRBE 12 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.25m211993.4196574.315543029191072379.89.2COBEDIRBEDIRBE 25 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.60m574618.0514785.6303490815290260176.31.3COBEDIRBEDIRBE 60 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.100m993265.3922536.26556801341470317996.00.4COBEDIRBEDIRBE 100 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.140m1510826.31392902.39980902639810423120.70.2COBEDIRBEDIRBE 140 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.240m2546658.42297615.616295304515850989932.70.1COBEDIRBEDIRBE 240 micron filter

Filter Plots (using a common λ range)

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