Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

COBE :Cosmic Background Explorer
COBE/DIRBE :Cosmic Background Explorer/DIRBE (Diffuse Infrared Background Experiment) filters

COBE/DIRBE.1p25m12815.212554.310780150602937.61511.5COBEDIRBEDIRBE 1.25 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.2p2m22315.622102.019470251703425.8632.9COBEDIRBEDIRBE 2.2 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.3p5m35796.434914.229630420608242.1275.2COBEDIRBEDIRBE 3.5 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.4p9m48994.548668.743390534256632.3152.5COBEDIRBEDIRBE 4.9 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.12m132393.9113395.17656017467052660.723.8COBEDIRBEDIRBE 12 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.25m216067.8200152.515543029191065659.78.8COBEDIRBEDIRBE 25 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.60m588833.4529628.1303490815290238908.91.2COBEDIRBEDIRBE 60 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.100m1008443.9941198.86556801341470291160.40.4COBEDIRBEDIRBE 100 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.140m1545961.31419998.39980902639810414260.50.2COBEDIRBEDIRBE 140 micron filter
COBE/DIRBE.240m2620014.12353098.416295304515850977552.70.1COBEDIRBEDIRBE 240 micron filter

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