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CAHA :Calar Alto observatory
CAHA/LAICA :LAICA is the new Large Area Imager for Calar Alto.

CAHA/LAICA.SDSS_u3553.63585.730333999528.31563.9CAHALAICALAICA SDSS u
CAHA/LAICA.Johnson_U3679.53730.732144113472.31945.3CAHALAICALAICA Johnson U
CAHA/LAICA.Johnson_B4153.64196.7321056911285.03368.2CAHALAICALAICA Johnson B
CAHA/LAICA.Johnson_B24328.64324.8322458981443.63519.0CAHALAICALAICA Johnson B2
CAHA/LAICA.SDSS_g4926.44855.6415356941128.73892.5CAHALAICALAICA SDSS g
CAHA/LAICA.Johnson_V5517.05428.8461670841144.13557.5CAHALAICALAICA Johnson V
CAHA/LAICA.SDSS_r6269.96186.5541971831361.63124.2CAHALAICALAICA SDSS r
CAHA/LAICA.Johnson_R6607.66467.5551578761843.42962.6CAHALAICALAICA Johnson R
CAHA/LAICA.SDSS_i7743.67659.4679287891489.62508.5CAHALAICALAICA SDSS i
CAHA/LAICA.Johnson_I8907.08795.4741999902137.22278.0CAHALAICALAICA Johnson I
CAHA/LAICA.SDSS_z9138.49075.3786099901677.82253.4CAHALAICALAICA SDSS z

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