Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

CAHA/Astralux.U3650.83710.427504164518.91963.6CAHAAstraluxAstralux Johnson U filter
CAHA/Astralux.B4519.54473.137705750775.24083.8CAHAAstraluxAstralux Johnson B filter
CAHA/Astralux.V5410.05352.746456551909.53636.2CAHAAstraluxAstralux Johnson V filter
CAHA/Astralux.R26446.06346.5541576141420.33035.6CAHAAstraluxJohnson Roeser R2 filter
CAHA/Astralux.R6612.16407.0542895621660.42967.2CAHAAstraluxAstralux Johnson R filter
CAHA/Astralux.GG3857462.85863.53607110007045.82597.5CAHAAstraluxAstralux GG385 Schott filter
CAHA/Astralux.sdss_i7695.97629.4681585411358.02527.5CAHAAstraluxAstralux SDSS i filter
CAHA/Astralux.I9032.98889.77319102732422.12248.1CAHAAstraluxAstralux Johnson I filter
CAHA/Astralux.sdss_z9675.79514.98214110002593.52138.5CAHAAstraluxAstraLux SDSS z filter

Filter Plots

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