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APO :Apache Point Observatory.
APO/Blocking :APO blocking filters.

APO/Blocking.GG3857603.588680.216631.703587.4112000.005235.002910.141.51e-9APO APO GG385 blocking filter
APO/Blocking.GG4758048.888873.337255.334445.3412000.005083.462726.631.26e-9APO APO GG475 blocking filter
APO/Blocking.GG4958253.918985.337544.464839.8512000.004950.552632.021.16e-9APO APO GG495 blocking filter
APO/Blocking.OG5308463.059109.557841.965205.8712000.004771.992533.651.06e-9APO APO OG530 blocking filter
APO/Blocking.RG6108862.559356.488405.075904.0512000.004467.442365.129.03e-10APO APO RG610 blocking filter
APO/Blocking.RG59216.839598.138867.786535.7012000.004127.732253.227.95e-10APO APO RG5 blocking filter
APO/Blocking.RG85010197.3610350.1610044.748156.0912000.002965.862035.215.87e-10APO APO RG850 blocking filter

Filter Plots

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