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AKARI :AKARI (Previously known as ASTRO-F or IRIS - InfraRed Imaging Surveyor) is the second space mission for infrared astronomy in Japan.
AKARI/IRC :AKARI Infrared Camera

AKARI/IRC.N224106.122684.316800294976973.8559.8AKARIIRCIRC NIR N2
AKARI/IRC.N332761.331302.725370398708605.4325.5AKARIIRCIRC NIR N3
AKARI/IRC.N444704.042505.2339915751415278.9184.4AKARIIRCIRC NIR N4
AKARI/IRC.S773059.169539.0552368742617325.872.5AKARIIRCIRC MIR-S S7
AKARI/IRC.S9W92182.082283.65846112188041027.147.5AKARIIRCIRC MIR-S S9W
AKARI/IRC.S11109489.1101932.18269815299341042.633.7AKARIIRCIRC MIR-S S11
AKARI/IRC.L15161620.4152310.512211421468159787.615.5AKARIIRCIRC MIR-L L15
AKARI/IRC.L18W198065.7176094.913608228669199690.110.7AKARIIRCIRC MIR-L L18W
AKARI/IRC.L24233524.4227526.418402528703753337.87.4AKARIIRCIRC MIR-L L24

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