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WFIRST :Wide Field Infrered Survey Telescope (WFIRST)
WFIRST/WFI :The wide field instrument provides the Wide Field imaging and slitless spectroscopic capabilities required to perform the Dark Energy, Exoplanet Microlensing, and NIR surveys

WFIRST/WFI.R0626454.16157.8460978732128.33022.3WFIRSTWFIWFIRST R062 filter
WFIRST/WFI.Z0878748.58633.97331100791948.52298.3WFIRSTWFIWFIRST Z087 filter
WFIRST/WFI.Y10610645.910458.18962122882487.51962.6WFIRSTWFIWFIRST Y106 filter
WFIRST/WFI.J12912995.712747.010940149872987.61479.8WFIRSTWFIWFIRST J129 filter
WFIRST/WFI.Prism13543.311167.07239185917299.01388.8WFIRSTWFIWFIRST Prism
WFIRST/WFI.Grism15063.013289.49089203648674.81207.2WFIRSTWFIWFIRST Grism
WFIRST/WFI.W14615382.013013.88967205997625.11174.1WFIRSTWFIWFIRST W146 filter
WFIRST/WFI.H15815883.015582.513371182793507.61090.7WFIRSTWFIWFIRST H158 filter
WFIRST/WFI.F18418477.718300.716317205992965.9863.3WFIRSTWFIWFIRST F184 filter

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