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QUIJOTE :QUIJOTE (Q-U-I JOint TEnerife) experiment.
QUIJOTE/MFI :The Multi-Frequency Instrument (MFI).

QUIJOTE/MFI.19GHz_H21.82e+81.83e+81.81e+81.61e+82.01e+81.72e+79.42e-68.67e-27QUIJOTEMFIQUIJOTE MFI 19GHz band (H2) response
QUIJOTE/MFI.17GHz_H22.19e+82.21e+82.17e+81.9e+82.45e+83.24e+76.47e-64.13e-27QUIJOTEMFIQUIJOTE MFI 17GHz band (H2) response
QUIJOTE/MFI.13GHz_H14.13e+84.38e+83.87e+82.92e+89.52e+81.12e+81.75e-63.51e-28QUIJOTEMFIQUIJOTE MFI 13GHz band (H1) response
QUIJOTE/MFI.13GHz_H34.12e+84.4e+83.87e+83.03e+89.95e+81.13e+81.76e-63.54e-28QUIJOTEMFIQUIJOTE MFI 13GHz band (H3) response
QUIJOTE/MFI.11GHz_H16.32e+86.79e+85.63e+83.03e+81.09e+93.07e+87.22e-76.83e-29QUIJOTEMFIQUIJOTE MFI 11GHz band (H1) response
QUIJOTE/MFI.11GHz_H36.67e+87.12e+85.99e+83.49e+81.11e+93.47e+86.49e-75.42e-29QUIJOTEMFIQUIJOTE MFI 11GHz band (H3) response

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