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Keck :W.M. Keck Observatory
Keck/ESI :The Echellette Spectrograph and Imager (ESI) is a visible-wavelength, faint-object, imager and single-slit spectrograph in operation at the Cassegrain focus of the Keck II telescope since 1999.

Keck/ESI.B_fil4444.444480.854433.103709.045399.24962.674078.776.19e-9KeckESIESI B filter (filter only)
Keck/ESI.B4481.834516.454467.553729.015404.31913.054092.406.11e-9KeckESIESI B filter (+CCD)
Keck/ESI.V5441.955464.405420.334885.506385.01804.793651.573.7e-9KeckESIESI V filter (+CCD)
Keck/ESI.V_fil5443.955466.465422.254885.336386.88808.083650.313.69e-9KeckESIESI V filter (filter only)
Keck/ESI.R6649.056676.856620.715989.257421.661050.022925.851.98e-9KeckESIESI R filter (+CCD)
Keck/ESI.R_fil6656.136684.126627.625991.337423.321038.772922.941.98e-9KeckESIESI R filter (filter only)

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