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Paranal :Paranal ESO Observatory
Paranal/FORS2 :FORS2 is a multi mode (imaging, polarimetry, long slit and multi-object spectroscopy) optical instrument mounted on the UT1 Cassegrain focus. id:Paranal/FORS2.a
GaiaXPy base XML file. You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full Paranal/FORS2 filter set. Please, take a look to the GaiaXPy web page and additional documentation for more information.

Paranal/FORS2.ESO10733615.783618.893622.483425.623816.63267.951407.593.23e-9ParanalFORS2FORS2 ESO#1073, U Special
Paranal/FORS2.ESO10744207.774243.034240.673524.535131.70944.053795.606.43e-9ParanalFORS2FORS2 ESO#1074, Bessell B
Paranal/FORS2.ESO10824426.744645.164556.573156.476298.572747.183074.944.7e-9ParanalFORS2FORS2 ESO#1082, 465/250
Paranal/FORS2.ESO10755465.785503.535432.144782.776730.011051.643624.563.64e-9ParanalFORS2FORS2 ESO#1075, Bessell V
Paranal/FORS2.ESO10766482.096536.176424.605583.687756.861610.863035.032.17e-9ParanalFORS2FORS2 ESO#1076, Bessell R
Paranal/FORS2.ESO10777942.677981.407901.726980.189126.681488.162430.271.15e-9ParanalFORS2FORS2 ESO#1077, Bessell I
Paranal/FORS2.Gunn_z9160.749205.889134.438109.1411012.681353.732223.757.94e-10ParanalFORS2FORS2 Gunn_z + detector + atm.

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