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Astronomy (7902)Planetary science (616)Earth Obs. (2439)

OAO :Okayama Astrophysical Observatory, NAOJ
OAO/MuSCAT :Multi-color Simultaneous Camera for studying Atmospheres of Transiting exoplanets (MuSCAT).

OAO/MuSCAT.gp24774.294826.744754.343936.485596.611188.233948.075.19e-9OAOMuSCATMuSCAT g' generation-2 filter
OAO/MuSCAT.rp26281.476314.636245.605601.036999.121236.233144.782.39e-9OAOMuSCATMuSCAT r' generation-2 filter
OAO/MuSCAT.zs28686.148698.998683.508200.829297.85825.192267.669.01e-10OAOMuSCATMuSCAT z_s generation-2 filter

Filter Plots

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