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APO :Apache Point Observatory.
APO/Narrow :APO Narrow band filters (bandpass < 10nm)

APO/Narrow.Halpha_655nm6551.646551.876550.056457.066651.9094.202634.031.84e-9APO APO Halpha 655nm filter
APO/Narrow.Halpha_657nm6572.746572.776573.696540.866605.4933.652335.581.62e-9APO APO Halpha 657nm filter
APO/Narrow.Halpha_658nm6579.606579.626580.526549.656608.5928.192468.771.71e-9APO APO Halpha 658nm filter
APO/Narrow.Halpha_659nm6595.356595.376595.766564.366625.4829.232768.501.91e-9APO APO Halpha 659nm filter
APO/Narrow.Halpha_660nm6600.786600.806601.066570.106631.7029.582822.831.94e-9APO APO Halpha 660nm filter
APO/Narrow.Halpha_661nm6612.786612.816612.906581.316644.6229.152890.091.98e-9APO APO Halpha 661nm filter
APO/Narrow.Semrock_857nm8578.998581.178577.388360.058797.27378.032223.489.06e-10APO APO Semrock 857nm filter

Filter Plots

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