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SLOAN :The Sloan Digital Sky Survey
GaiaXPy base XML file. You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full SLOAN/SDSS filter set. Please, take a look to the GaiaXPy web page and additional documentation for more information.

SLOAN/SDSS.uprime_filter3501.023517.433542.103044.903987.70563.561456.613.56e-9SLOAN SDSS u' filter (filter only transmission) at USNO 40-in
SLOAN/SDSS.u3556.523572.183608.043055.114030.64540.971582.543.75e-9SLOAN SDSS u full transmission
SLOAN/SDSS.g4702.504750.824671.783797.645553.041064.684023.575.45e-9SLOAN SDSS g full transmission
SLOAN/SDSS.gprime_filter4763.114820.094723.593863.555690.451264.523996.235.28e-9SLOAN SDSS u' filter (filter only transmission) at USNO 40-in
SLOAN/SDSS.r6175.586204.296141.125418.236994.421055.513177.382.5e-9SLOAN SDSS r full transmission
SLOAN/SDSS.rprime_filter6246.986287.066201.715409.037176.141253.713148.772.42e-9SLOAN SDSS r' filter (filter only transmission) at USNO 40-in
SLOAN/SDSS.i7489.987519.277457.896692.418400.321102.572593.401.39e-9SLOAN SDSS i full transmission
SLOAN/SDSS.iprime_filter7718.287759.387672.596728.448730.621478.932508.911.26e-9SLOAN SDSS i' filter (filter only transmission) at USNO 40-in
SLOAN/SDSS.z8946.718992.268922.787964.7010873.331164.012238.998.39e-10SLOAN SDSS z full transmission
SLOAN/SDSS.zprime_filter10829.8311128.8110500.618066.1113500.004306.721909.064.88e-10SLOAN SDSS z' filter (filter only transmission) at USNO 40-in

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