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Landsat :Landsat 8 provides moderate-resolution (15m-100m, depending on spectral frequency) measurements of the Earth's terrestrial and polar regions in the visible, near-infrared, short wave infrared, and thermal infrared.
Landsat/MSS-4 :Multispectral Scanner System (MSS) instrument on board Landsat-4

Landsat/MSS-4.band15476.085507.125446.154700.006500.001065.903629.703.63e-9LandsatMSSLandsat-4 MSS band1 RSR
Landsat/MSS-4.band26483.176502.806461.995835.717292.00915.603028.202.16e-9LandsatMSSLandsat-4 MSS band2 RSR
Landsat/MSS-4.band37519.507542.227494.796800.008380.00991.102580.441.37e-9LandsatMSSLandsat-4 MSS band3 RSR
Landsat/MSS-4.band49172.549269.659111.787800.0011400.002202.402215.137.89e-10LandsatMSSLandsat-4 MSS band4 RSR

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