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LYRA :The purpose of the LYRA mission is a multi-color all-sky survey of objects from 3m to 16m from the International Space Station.
LYRA/LYRA :LYRA photometric bands

LYRA/LYRA.11973.01971.318312157112.2740.5ISSLYRALYRA 195nm (1) filter
LYRA/LYRA.22171.72169.120002363130.3764.8ISSLYRALYRA 218nm (2) filter
LYRA/LYRA.32726.22723.824693079203.0927.0ISSLYRALYRA 270nm (3) filter
LYRA/LYRA.43549.83577.829604111422.51495.7ISSLYRALYRA 350nm (4) filter
LYRA/LYRA.4a3759.13816.432014318418.72306.7ISSLYRALYRA 374nm (4a) filter
LYRA/LYRA.54517.34466.6343756651013.33954.1ISSLYRALYRA 440nm (5) filter
LYRA/LYRA.65551.55506.047086836714.53559.9ISSLYRALYRA 555nm (6) filter
LYRA/LYRA.pan6596.35426.01764108055786.02588.9ISSLYRALYRA broad panchromatic filter
LYRA/LYRA.76966.86950.863727634434.72815.6ISSLYRALYRA 700nm (7) filter
LYRA/LYRA.7a7864.87825.868578954760.42465.8ISSLYRALYRA 785nm (7a) filter
LYRA/LYRA.88247.48213.272119280754.92340.2ISSLYRALYRA 825nm (8) filter
LYRA/LYRA.99299.89268.9812010411892.32260.2ISSLYRALYRA 930nm (9) filter
LYRA/LYRA.109666.39628.8845310640913.42203.9ISSLYRALYRA 1000nm (10) filter

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