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IRAM : IRAM is an international research institute for radio astronomy. Its overall objective is to explore the universe and to study its origins and evolution.
IRAM/NIKA2 :The New IRAM KID Array 2 (NIKA2) is a dual-band camera operating with three frequency-multiplexed kilopixels arrays of Lumped Element Kinetic Inductance Detectors (LEKID) cooled at 150mK.

IRAM/NIKA2.1mm_21.19e+71.2e+71.17e+79.94e+61.53e+72.27e+60.002425.3e-22IRAMNIKA2NIKA2 1mm (A3) Normalized spectral bandpass
IRAM/NIKA2.1mm_11.2e+71.21e+71.18e+71.0e+71.55e+72.37e+60.002385.1e-22IRAMNIKA2NIKA2 1mm (A1) Normalized spectral bandpass
IRAM/NIKA2.2mm2.05e+72.08e+72.0e+71.6e+72.67e+75.75e+60.0008016.03e-23IRAMNIKA2NIKA2 2mm (A2) Normalized spectral bandpass

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