Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

Gemini/Flamingos2.Y10201.810174.3955110825893.22093.6GeminiFlamingos2Flamingos2 Y
Gemini/Flamingos2.Jlow11216.911162.210241120531322.71829.9GeminiFlamingos2Flamingos2 Jlow
Gemini/Flamingos2.J12550.912486.911570135091510.91549.6GeminiFlamingos2Flamingos2 J
Gemini/Flamingos2.JH13900.312320.68865182577198.11357.2GeminiFlamingos2Flamingos2 JH
Gemini/Flamingos2.H16305.216156.814659180612740.31044.7GeminiFlamingos2Flamingos2 H
Gemini/Flamingos2.HK18710.516426.4124412542510672.9869.6GeminiFlamingos2Flamingos2 HK
Gemini/Flamingos2.Ks21573.621412.119640235363175.6670.5GeminiFlamingos2Flamingos2 Ks

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