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Galileo :Galileo was an American uncrewed spacecraft that studied the planet Jupiter and its moons, as well as several other Solar System bodies.
Galileo/SSI :Galileo Solid-State Imaging subsystem.

Galileo/SSI.Violet4083.74085.637504480355.64055.9GalileoSSIGalileo SSI Violet filter
Galileo/SSI.Green5597.55576.651006062629.33536.2GalileoSSIGalileo SSI Green filter
Galileo/SSI.Clear6623.15842.73750103162927.92914.5GalileoSSIGalileo SSI Clear filter
Galileo/SSI.Red6646.76630.661417126582.02903.1GalileoSSIGalileo SSI Red filter
Galileo/SSI.7270A7311.67311.072007428102.52678.9GalileoSSIGalileo SSI 7270A filter
Galileo/SSI.7560A7568.37566.573817749191.02576.2GalileoSSIGalileo SSI 7560A filter
Galileo/SSI.8890A8876.48876.887079054149.52301.9GalileoSSIGalileo SSI 8890A filter
Galileo/SSI.9680A9921.89897.7935610917506.32159.7GalileoSSIGalileo SSI 9680A filter

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