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BICEP :Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization (BICEP).
BICEP/BICEP2 :BICEP2 was a 26-cm refracting telescope that observed the cosmic microwave background (CMB) from the National Science Foundation's Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station from 2010-2012.

BICEP/BICEP2.220GHz_rj1.31e+71.31e+71.29e+71.07e+71.57e+71.98e+60.002013.6e-22BICEPBICEPBICEP2/Keck 220GHz RJ spectral response
BICEP/BICEP2.220GHz1.31e+71.32e+71.3e+71.08e+71.6e+71.96e+60.001993.55e-22BICEPBICEPBICEP2/Keck 220GHz spectral response
BICEP/BICEP2.150GHz_rj2.04e+72.06e+72.01e+71.66e+72.64e+74.88e+60.0008055.97e-23BICEPBICEPBICEP2/Keck 150GHz RJ spectral response
BICEP/BICEP2.150GHz2.06e+72.08e+72.02e+71.67e+72.65e+74.88e+60.0007945.81e-23BICEPBICEPBICEP2/Keck 150GHz spectral response
BICEP/BICEP2.95GHz_rj3.19e+73.22e+73.14e+72.61e+74.07e+76.78e+60.0003269.89e-24BICEPBICEPBICEP2/Keck 95GHz RJ spectral response
BICEP/BICEP2.95GHz3.21e+73.24e+73.16e+72.63e+74.08e+76.74e+60.0003229.66e-24BICEPBICEPBICEP2/Keck 95GHz spectral response

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