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HST :The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is a cooperative program of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to operate a space-based observatory for the benefit of the international astronomical community.
HST/ACS_HRC :The Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS), High Resolution Channel

HST/ACS_HRC.F220W2253.662277.902253.271854.632981.09478.87772.104.56e-9HSTACSF220W filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.F250W2716.342750.302740.192094.883534.65594.16935.723.74e-9HSTACSF250W filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.F330W3362.923376.243368.322958.213719.31529.151231.873.26e-9HSTACSF330W filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.F344N3433.493433.723433.583391.253479.7659.221263.553.21e-9HSTACSF344N filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.FR388N3880.263880.543881.573810.383950.2878.583359.976.69e-9HSTACSFR388N ramp filter for HST ACS_HRC at central wavelength
HST/ACS_HRC.F435W4310.804343.204331.363593.984860.74760.533994.876.38e-9HSTACSF435W filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.FR459M4592.664597.234589.474280.434907.67346.724243.396.04e-9HSTACSFR459M ramp filter for HST ACS_HRC at central wavelength
HST/ACS_HRC.F475W4775.054828.924738.543857.775559.471187.843918.575.23e-9HSTACSF475W filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.F502N5023.035023.155022.934966.495079.7356.683941.564.68e-9HSTACSF502N filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.FR505N5050.045050.425049.744955.355145.08107.833923.874.61e-9HSTACSFR505N ramp filter for HST ACS_HRC at central wavelength
HST/ACS_HRC.F555W5355.385391.475326.634580.846193.951102.393625.113.83e-9HSTACSF555W filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.F550M5579.615586.455573.135246.395929.57526.593543.223.42e-9HSTACSF550M filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.F606W5886.415999.755777.154625.467178.641872.863251.932.92e-9HSTACSF606W filter for HST ACS_HRC
Filter Description

Filter ID (?) :HST/ACS_HRC.F606W
Description (?) :F606W filter for HST ACS_HRC
Phot.System (?) :------
Detector Type (?) :Photon counter
Band Name (?) :------
Obs. Facility (?) :HST
Instrument (?) :ACS
Comments (?) :Response calculated using the stsynphot python package by STScI. In particular, function"acs,hrc,f606w"). Please, take a look to stsynphot documentation and HST instrument documentation

Mathematical properties

Property Calculated Specified Unit
λref (?) : 5886.41 ------- (Angstrom)
λmean (?) : 5999.75 ------- (Angstrom)
λcen (?) : 5924.70 ------- (Angstrom)
λeff (?) : 5777.15 ------- (Angstrom)
λpeak (?) : 6360.00 ------- (Angstrom)
λpivot (?) : 5886.41 ------- (Angstrom)
λphot (?) : 5852.09 ------- (Angstrom)
λmin (?) : 4625.46 ------- (Angstrom)
λmax (?) : 7178.64 ------- (Angstrom)
Weff (?) : 1872.86 ------- (Angstrom)
FWHM (?) : 2324.78 ------- (Angstrom)
Af/AV (?) : 0.949 ------- ()
Fsun (?) : 171.87 ------- (erg/cm2/s/A)


Data file: ascii, VOTable

Reference for filter response: stsynphot documentation

Transmission components: Filter + Instrument

Calibration properties

Vega System
PropertySpecified Calculated Unit
Zero Point (?) : ------- 2.92102e-9(erg/cm2/s/A)
  ------- 3251.93(Jy)
PhotCal ID (?) : HST/ACS_HRC.F606W/Vega

AB System
PropertySpecified Calculated Unit
Zero Point (?) : ------- 3.26152e-9(erg/cm2/s/A)
  ------- 3631.00(Jy)
PhotCal ID (?) : HST/ACS_HRC.F606W/AB

ST System
PropertySpecified Calculated Unit
Zero Point (?) : ------- 3.631e-9(erg/cm2/s/A)
  ------- 4042.34(Jy)
PhotCal ID (?) : HST/ACS_HRC.F606W/ST

Filter added: 2019-07-16 12:11:29
Last update: 2020-12-10 16:30:33
HST/ACS_HRC.F625W6295.106335.966250.145441.547098.081274.073088.502.37e-9HSTACSF625W filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.FR656N6559.826560.256558.896445.146674.80130.912707.211.89e-9HSTACSFR656N ramp filter for HST ACS_HRC at central wavelength
HST/ACS_HRC.F658N6583.916584.066586.136509.766659.2374.832569.871.78e-9HSTACSF658N filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.F660N6599.456599.496600.076561.966642.7135.682806.671.93e-9HSTACSF660N filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.PR200L5649.766689.645571.441700.0010865.944940.312603.942.51e-9HSTACSPR200L disperser for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.POL_UV6226.097211.905934.591899.5910958.815149.232505.642.13e-9HSTACSPOL_UV filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.POL_V6956.317627.066356.493575.7210960.143919.772554.771.9e-9HSTACSPOL_V filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.F775W7665.117702.437624.746790.248626.001299.972523.861.3e-9HSTACSF775W filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.G800L7504.577773.757264.785236.8910845.573260.982544.191.45e-9HSTACSG800L disperser for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.F814W8115.688211.248035.766882.399653.611930.852405.471.12e-9HSTACSF814W filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.F892N8916.398916.788918.418790.049036.88148.642318.068.74e-10HSTACSF892N filter for HST ACS_HRC
HST/ACS_HRC.FR914M9104.829117.429099.528373.829827.46818.822280.808.26e-10HSTACSFR914M ramp filter for HST ACS_HRC at central wavelength
HST/ACS_HRC.F850LP9144.099193.769117.638009.5110934.181551.772233.138.05e-10HSTACSF850LP filter for HST ACS_HRC

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