Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

LSST/LSST.u_filter3584.13641.430604080688.51763.2LSSTLSSTLSST u filter (filter only)
LSST/LSST.u3694.23751.432064081473.22089.3LSSTLSSTLSST u filter (full)
LSST/LSST.g_filter4807.84705.2387056651335.53923.2LSSTLSSTLSST u filter (filter only)
LSST/LSST.g4840.84741.6387356651253.33912.3LSSTLSSTLSST g filter (full)
LSST/LSST.r_filter6241.96156.7537570551278.03136.9LSSTLSSTLSST r filter (filter only)
LSST/LSST.r6257.76173.2537670551206.93127.0LSSTLSSTLSST r filter (full)
LSST/LSST.i7560.57501.6676583251174.82578.3LSSTLSSTLSST i filter (full)
LSST/LSST.i_filter7563.67505.3676583251193.62577.1LSSTLSSTLSST i filter (filter only)
LSST/LSST.z8701.38679.280359375997.52272.3LSSTLSSTLSST z filter (full)
LSST/LSST.z_filter8718.88695.9803593801011.62273.9LSSTLSSTLSST z filter (filter only)
LSST/LSST.y9749.39711.5908910897871.82186.5LSSTLSSTLSST y filter (full)
LSST/LSST.y_filter10142.410056.69090110001621.12082.0LSSTLSSTLSST y filter (filter only)

Filter Plots

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