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Carlos Rodrigo
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Grant PID2020-112494GBI00 funded by
Astronomy (7905)Planetary science (616)Earth Obs. (2452)

ADEOS :The Advanced Earth Observing Satellite-II
ADEOS/OCTS :Ocean Color and Temperature Scanner (OCTS) is a mechanical scanning (whiskbroom) radiometer, and a JAXA (NASDA) core sensor. Objectives: Ocean color and sea surface temperature measurements (ocean primary productivity, interaction between the ocean and the atmosphere and environmental studies). id:ADEOS/OCTS.a

ADEOS/OCTS.band4124137.644142.724137.523948.305079.20179.504224.557.4e-9ADEOSOCTSADEOS OCTS 412nm band RSR
ADEOS/OCTS.band4434433.644435.474437.274242.114674.89192.244154.446.34e-9ADEOSOCTSADEOS OCTS 443nm band RSR
ADEOS/OCTS.band4904905.734907.854906.764681.295167.85229.753748.394.67e-9ADEOSOCTSADEOS OCTS 490nm band RSR
ADEOS/OCTS.band5205166.155167.655164.654935.035427.76164.103826.774.3e-9ADEOSOCTSADEOS OCTS 520nm band RSR
ADEOS/OCTS.band5655670.385676.345664.815347.886082.22217.443499.243.26e-9ADEOSOCTSADEOS OCTS 565nm band RSR
ADEOS/OCTS.band6706684.196688.026683.566344.057158.12242.052849.951.91e-9ADEOSOCTSADEOS OCTS 670nm band RSR
ADEOS/OCTS.band7657648.567652.617643.937257.918116.31411.182519.461.29e-9ADEOSOCTSADEOS OCTS 765nm band RSR
ADEOS/OCTS.band8658619.508623.148618.508207.279066.98390.832234.669.02e-10ADEOSOCTSADEOS OCTS 865nm band RSR

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