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CTIO :Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory
CTIO/Y4KCam :Y4KCam is a 4Kx4K optical CCD optimized for wide-field broad-band
GaiaXPy base XML file. You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full CTIO/Y4KCam filter set. Please, take a look to the GaiaXPy web page and additional documentation for more information.

CTIO/Y4KCam.sdss_u3537.063550.863575.683076.803986.53518.731489.403.57e-9CTIOY4KCamY4KCam SDSS u' filter
CTIO/Y4KCam.B4230.754270.824285.573500.985230.861001.023589.846.01e-9CTIOY4KCamY4KCam B filter
CTIO/Y4KCam.sdss_g4731.964791.514691.443862.485629.521405.644010.035.37e-9CTIOY4KCamY4KCam SDSS g' filter
CTIO/Y4KCam.Y5335.735374.915300.514611.986594.501083.633713.973.91e-9CTIOY4KCamY4KCam Y filter
CTIO/Y4KCam.sdss_r6220.036258.536176.605434.526996.191292.123164.212.45e-9CTIOY4KCamY4KCam SDSS r' filter
CTIO/Y4KCam.Rc6565.006686.636451.215467.559731.501771.623026.662.11e-9CTIOY4KCamY4KCam Rc filter
CTIO/Y4KCam.sdss_i7647.697685.177606.116764.258537.671477.562534.501.3e-9CTIOY4KCamY4KCam SDSS i' filter
CTIO/Y4KCam.Ic8027.278077.297977.387051.989252.121718.232412.901.12e-9CTIOY4KCamY4KCam Ic filter
CTIO/Y4KCam.sdss_z9052.509080.059041.418247.809914.401359.392240.508.2e-10CTIOY4KCamY4KCam SDSS zi' filter

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