Simple Self-described Service protocol (S3)

S3 (Simple Self-described Service protocol) is a new protocol designed to provide access to theoretical data/services in the framework of the Virtual Observatory.

It is based in the ability of the data server to describe itself in a simple standardized way.

S3 interface

This interface allows you to access to the data offered by any S3 server if you know its main URL, and can be used by service providers to check that they are offering their data as VO-S3 compliant.

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S3Wizard is an application designed to easily implement your own VO services for theoretical models.

Two inputs are needed

  • A set of ascii files containing the data corresponding to each model.
  • An ascii file with the name of every data file and the value of the parameters that characterize each file.
  • (User inputs about the meaning of parameters, data columns, curation, credits... All by a web interface.)

The application builds:

  • The database
  • A web page with forms to download files in ascci and votable formats.
  • A VO service able to answer the three types of queries

Download and help page

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